It all started with Jen's illustrious college career. Every day,  she and her friend Steve would meet at a little pub with great beer and delicious sandwiches. It had a big moose on the wall, which always seemed friendly and happy to see her. Some days the moose would beg her not to go to class and to stay with him and drink just one more beer. (Ok, maybe 5 or 10 more beers) One day, Jen pulled up into the parking lot and saw nothing but firemen and fire trucks, as far as the eye could see. "What tragedy was this?" she panicked, fearing the worst. She was right - her precious pub had burned to the ground! She hung her head, weary with sadness, and never was to return to campus again. Although Jen's college education was never going to come to fruition, she spent the rest of her life on her quest to make the perfect, cozy pub to drink her beloved, delicious beers in. Bartending one night,  she met the other half of the equation- Mike came along with his Duck Club Sandwiches, his smoked brisket and a light bulb went off in Jen's head. "If I marry this guy, I can have his duck and eat it too!" The Tattooed Moose was born, and the rest is history.